Quick Access to Opioid Treatment Significantly Improves Outcomes

IBH Analytics 2019 Opioid Analysis finds individuals who receive face-to-face treatment for opioids within 48 hours of their initial request for services, are twice as likely to reduce opioid use in the subsequent year than those who wait more than 48 hours for face-to-face treatment. 51% reduce opioid usage within a year if they get face-to-face treatment within a year compared with only 24% who get treatment after 48 hours.

According to Dr. Darren Lubbers, CEO and Research Director of IBH Analytics, “most substance use programs target providing treatment within 48 hours for those seeking help with opioids, but unfortunately waiting lists still exist in some communities”. Dr. Lubbers explained that IBH Analytics 2019 Opioid Analysis also indicated that “front loading” treatment, i.e., scheduling more treatment sessions early is a cost-effective way to improve client outcomes. It is also clear that those who stay in treatment longer and attend treatment sessions regularly have the best treatment outcomes.

The growth of the Opioid Crisis is daunting, “but there are a lot of opportunities to improve prevention and treatment outcomes, and IBH Analytics is helping Community Mental Health Service Providers, Treatment Providers, and Community Coalitions identify these opportunities through the application of advanced analytics”, says Dr. Lubbers.

IBH Analytics, LLC. 2019 Opioid Analysis is based on a sample of 495 individuals who sought opioid addiction treatment in an eight-county region in Michigan. IBH Analytics 2019 Opioid Analysis focused on determining if there was a relationship between time to treatment, number of encounters, and a client's decrease in frequency of opioid use at the time of discharge from substance use treatment. The study sample included individuals in methadone services, with a primary substance of opiates*, and at the time of admission had used within the past month.

Opiates* = Heroin, Non-prescription Methadone, or Synthetic Opiates and Other Opiates.

IBH Analytics, LLC. is located in Keego Harbor, Michigan. IBH Analytics, LLC., helps Community Mental Health Service Providers, Treatment Providers and Community Coalitions achieve better prevention and treatment outcomes through the application of integrated analytics, expertise, and experience.

For more information contact IBH Analytics at info@ibhanalytics.com or call (833) 424-2123.

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