Our skills, experience, and expertise include data, research, reporting, advanced statistical analysis, statistical quality control, project management, consulting, and presenting; all focused on driving improved behavioral healthcare outcomes.

Grant support & evaluation

IBH Analytics (IBHA), in collaboration with SAMHSA grantees, monitors evaluative grant requirements, supports staff with data driven decision making and ongoing monitoring of program and individual progress. IBHA encourages the use of functional assessment tools to inform and prioritize treatment based on acuity. IBHA aggregates data to better understand the needs of a population from a more holistic integrated approach.

IBHA understands the importance of funding and can assist your organization in their grant writing process. IBHA has successfully helped grant applicants secure over $8 million in funding since 2018.

Prevention analytics

IBH Analytics supports prevention organizations by measuring the impact of their mental health and substance use prevention programs and environmental strategies. Our clients have used our prevention analytics to measure the success of their prevention initiatives and to strengthen their communities. Visit our prevention coalition page for more information.

Integrated healthcare solutions

IBH Analytics (IBHA) understands that co-occurring needs and social determinants impact treatment access, engagement, and outcomes. IBHA partners with behavioral health organizations to transform the system of care to better meet the needs of individuals, providers, and the community. We encourage the use of functional assessment tools to assess acuity and to prioritize service needs. A high quality, whole health, service approach starts by strengthening screening, assessment and diagnosing, improving/expanding access to care, developing acuity-based comprehensive service packages, coordinating a continuum of services and client satisfaction. We develop analytically sound data driven integrated solutions to help agencies connect the right person with the right service at the right time.

Quality improvement solutions

Whether you are looking to improve programming or increase outcomes, IBH Analytics can assist with any or all steps in the quality improvement framework from setting goals, establishing metrics, prioritizing changes, and monitoring results. Our approach is to evaluate the current practices and prioritize opportunities to achieve the desired outcome and vision for the organization.

  • Utilization management analytics
  • Continuous quality improvement coaching
  • Access management consulting
  • Value-based purchasing design
  • Benchmarking solutions
  • Satisfaction measurement
  • Service array development

Outcome performance analytics

IBH Analytics assists communities in identifying, developing, and measuring the impact of high-quality prevention and intervention programs designed to address risk factors and build protective factors. We assist substance use and mental health prevention and treatment programs with a systematic design to develop the evidence to demonstrate short-term and long-term outcomes.

Evidence-based practice consulting

IBH Analytics (IBHA) provides consulting and evaluation expertise for the delivery of evidence-based practices (EBP) for the prevention and treatment of co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports about half of those who experience a mental illness during their lives will also experience a substance use disorder and vice versa. Effective prevention and treatment for youth and adults with co-occurring conditions are based on valid assessments and the targeted alignment of optimal services for both substance use and mental health needs. IBHA helps select and implement existing EBPs. Additionally, we assist organizations in building, implementing, and evaluating their own unique evidence-based practice, policy, or program.


Working with Dr. Lubbers and his team has been a critical part of developing the strength and effectiveness of our substance use prevention coalition. Their help in creating and administering surveys has made it easy for us to collect relevant data and the beautiful reports they generate give us a lot of credibility in our community. IBH Analytics has helped us provide our stakeholders with key evidence to show both the needs of our community and the effectiveness of our interventions. Additionally, Darren, Jaimie, Jordan, and the whole team at IBHA is easy to work with and very responsive to whatever I need. Their flexibility, communication, and professionalism is top-notch and I have come to depend on their support for many of our prevention initiatives. I highly recommend working with IBH Analytics to strengthen your use of data in your organization.

- Joan Baert, Executive Director, Lakes Area Community Coalition

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Darren Lubbers and his team at IBH Analytics for over 10 years, both as the director of a local community coalition and the Prevention Program Director for the Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities. Dr. Lubbers and his team provide us with high-quality data analytics and key findings reports that allow us to demonstrate the effectiveness of our substance abuse prevention initiatives to our funders. Over the years, the IBH Analytics team has been instrumental in conducting data evaluation and grant writing that has strengthened our applications and resulted in increased funding for our organization. Dr. Lubbers and his professional team meet with me regularly to insure we stay on track with evaluation requirements for both local and Federal grant funders. The staff is well-versed in federal outcomes reporting, providing direction and assistance to ensure all reports are completed accurately and on time. The IBH Analytics team is a most valued part of our prevention efforts.

- Mary Ann Vergith, Program Director, The Alliance